Inventory Management

Deliver better outcomes with a secure, high-performance network for ECOMMERCE & RETAIL


Data Protection

Ecommerce & Retail  providers have complex IT environments and valuable data. Digital transformation expanded learning opportunities but also created pathways for cyber attacks, data theft, and many more.The safest way is to build with security .

Data Authentication 100%
Data Authorization 90%
Data Security 97%
Data Privacy 100%

Ecommerce & Retail IT Consulting Services to Optimize Your Business

Deliver measurable results, reduce downtime, improve process efficiency, and solve  technical challenges with digital Ecommerce & Retail 

Ecommerce & Retail  Payers
We can assist you creating and acquiring new, high-growth and reducing your loss Ratio, deploying analytics to extract valuable information and accelerating automation

Ecommerce & Retail and  Life Sciences

We ensure the continuity of the industry’s demands, and enhance your financial sustainability. we will assist you in modernizing your business operations through our system to your organization.

Safe Environment

Human Error

Protect data from human error .

Hardware Failure

Protect data from hardware failure .

Criminal Attack

Protect data from criminal attack .

Unexpected Events

Protect data from unexpected events .

Protect Solutions

Protect guests, associates and staffs from criminal attack

Secured Solutions

Secured solutions delivered By INTEGRAFF Team

Ecommerce & Retail Consulting

We understand the need for financial, operational, and administrative workflow in the organization. So, we aim to deliver enterprise software platforms with our expert consulting services.

Ecommerce & Retail Information Systems

We build customized information management system that takes care of organization staff, associate, courier and customer care under one roof. We help you to optimize, monitor, and manage the business workflow using our Management System.


Choosing the right IT solution provider is essential to convert your project ideas into success

Unparalleled Capabilities

Our unparalleled capabilities of Ecommerce & Retail IT services and Ecommerce & Retail IT solutions have been a key differentiator for your organization

Ecommerce & Retail IT Support

IT support for Ecommerce & Retail offer cost-effective managed IT solutions that give support for interface customization and maintenance to meet the unique needs of your business.

target environments


Ecommerce Organizations are target-rich environments


Retails are target-rich environments


Courier Organizations are target-rich environments

Ecommerce & Retail Software Modernization

Are you planning to modernize your existing running application ? Don’t worry ! Our experienced software developers will rewrite the code and integrate business logic code into existing IT trends. We will help you migrate, deploy application at affordable costs

Business Challenge

To develop more product features in a cost-effective manner.
Lack of data standards and no end-to-end inventory visibility .

Business Solution

INTEGRAFF Team work with the client, and understood their business operations and pain points. Based on the requirements of the client, INTEGRAFF come up with the approachs for implementations.
Followed a structured, step-by-step process that provided automated, data-driven improvement.
Created end-to-end process to identify potential failure points, systems and data needs.

Business Impact

Better service levels to customers and distributors.
The developed system would encompass a range of critical tasks crucial for the smooth functioning of the organization.
The  company’s profit margins increase considerably owing to the implementation of efficient and best industry processes and practices.

Our Skills

Our skills in methodology, we provide basic industry standard functionalities and  provide advanced features to make your action secured through data security & data privacy and also provide  addon features to make your actions easy and timeless by full filling exact requirement and meet business goal.

Our Key Figures

Team of professionals have over 11 years of experience
Customizable concept applicable
Delivery in time
Provides a safe and secure computing environment

INTEGRAFF provides scalable and customizable implementation &  maintenance helping you achieve optimum results.

Product Description
Product Name :
Product Scope:
Desktop Application, Web Application
Product Pricing :
INTEGRAFF offers features based pricing. One can choose features & pay accordingly.
Free Session :
6 MONTHS free session after deployment
Maintenance Charges :
No Maintenance, No Charges
Application Durability :
Development Stage :
Design, Coding & Implementation, Final Deployment Setup

Application Environment


Provides desktop application will run in local machine and all machines connected in LAN.


Provides web application will run globally anywhere in the World provided machine is connected to internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
Cut down the burden of day-to-day IT management
Help right-size your IT payroll
24×7 support for IT services
Certified IT professionals
Cost-effective IT solutions to meet your business goal
11+ years of experience in the IT industry
A commitment to outstanding customer service and IT support

The cost to develop an IT system depends on the project requirements like functionalities and features.  However, we offer a wide range of affordable service plans to meet your specific needs.

IT industry is evolving. So, in order to stay competitive and win the race, your organization has to stay upgraded with the latest technologies and walk along with latest trends.
We offer support and maintenance services to minimize your IT disruptions and optimize your IT workflow.
INTEGRAFF We are IT consulting and outsourcing company.


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