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CRM Platforms


A Customer Relation Management Solution is the baseline for an enterprise which interaction with existing, prospective, and potential customers. It enhances sales growth through data analysis from various communication channels like websites, email conversations, live chats, marketing drives and social media.

Integrate CRM solutions for your organization

Automation of Sales and Marketing Processes , automate lead generation, automate tracking & managing existing & new customers, automate end-to-end visibility while offering services for identifying leads.
Integrating CRM solutions allows to uncover valuable insights about customer needs. Personalize communications, provide information to improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.

We help you, guide you

We help you select and implement CRM solutions that works best for your industry
We offer extensive CRM Consulting services after analyzing your business functionalities
We set up and optimize CRM, migrate enterprise data and train your staff to handle

Does Your Business Need CRM Solution ?

Customer Relationship Management Solutions render platform for tracking and managing existing & new customers across several channels. We provide all customers platform under one roof to provide end-to-end visibility while offering services for identifying leads, contacts and to track and manage them efficiently.

Brand Identity

Understanding the brand functionalities, target audience and market demand help organizations solve problems and meet business goals.

Our Focus

Our focus on creating a timeless and industry-leading functionalities & operations for your business which help to meet business exact goal and enhance the operations smooth through data authentication, data authorization, data security and data privacy.

Our Solutions

Our industry solutions provide software, services and an extensive ecosystem to support your most critical functions from R&D through commercial.

Our Skills

Our skills in methodology, we provide basic industry standard functionalities and  provide advanced features to make your action secured through data security & data privacy and also provide  addon features to make your actions easy and timeless by full filling exact requirement and meet business goal.

Key Figures

Team of professionals have over 11 years of experience
Customizable concept applicable
Delivery in time
INTEGRAFF provides scalable and customizable CRM implementation &  maintenance helping you achieve optimum results.
CRM Features Categories
Basic Features :  
These are fundamental features are the basic industry standard functionalities.
Advanced Features :  
These are modern features are the latest industry standard functionalities to support your most critical functionalities.
Enhanced Features :  
These are rare features are the unique features from INTEGRAFF to make your work easy , smooth and fast.
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